The Eleven Twenty-Two journey began with the master angel numbers 11 and 22. These numbers created a connection between friends Melissa and Kyara years before their first candle, when they began noticing how the numbers often appeared at significant points in both of their lives. They both always seemed to catch the clock at 11:22, Melissa’s mother’s birthday is 11/22, and Kyara’s family grew up on 1221 T Street.

Individually, each master number signifies powerful ideals. 11 represents higher vision, dreams, and goals, while 22 represents work, productivity, and the ability to turn dreams into reality. Melissa and Kyara see themselves in both of these numbers, and Eleven Twenty-Two Candle Co. was born of that vision and work.

Inspired by these numbers, they began making candles in 2017 when Melissa and Kyara came together in honor of Melissa’s mother, a victim of breast cancer, to create their ‘Stay Lit for The Tits’ campaign. The candle was a huge success, and became the foundation for the launch of their candle company.